Dave "Heff" Heffernan                        Bob "Heff" Heffernan


    T-38 Talon Instructor Pilot                                                    B-47 Pilot

            5/84 - 8/87                                                            Smokey Hill AFB, KS

    Class 8404, Columbus MS.                                             Forbes AFB, Kansas    



                                                                                                                        T-37 Instructor Pilot

                E-3 AWACS                                                                           Moody AFB, Georgia

            Aircraft Commander


                                                                                                                    F-4 Phantom II  Pilot

            Operational Missions:                                                          Da Nang Air Base, Vietnam

Operation Just Cause (Panama Invasion)                                       150+ Combat Missions

Defense of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Iran/Iraq War)   

Operation Desert Shield (Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait)             T-33 "T-Bird"

Cold War North Atlantic Surveillance Operations                 Instructor Pilot 

(Ex. 6/16/89 Intercept two- 2 ship Bear Foxtrots                       Clovis AFB, NM

Door #'s: Lead Flt. 94 + 90, Trailing Flt. 91 + 93)                               

Anti-Narcotic Sorties                                                                              AT-38 Fighter Lead-in

Classified Sorties ( You know the old saying...                                Squadron Commander

"If I told you, I'd have to shoot you!")                                               465th Tactical Fighter T.S.

                Heff & Flight Crew Deployed                               Holloman AFB, NM



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